Friday, May 16, 2014

Yellow Cab Harrassment

 Yellow Cab Taxi harassing female customers with sexual and lewd remarks

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Harassment by local cab driver

Portland woman speaks about getting harassed by taxi cab owner

Portland woman reports intense and frightening harassment by Yellow Cab Portland Maine owner!!

[The driver] rolled down the passenger side window and yelled out to us, “Hey ladies!” We both looked over assuming he was going to ask us a question… maybe he’s lost? Maybe he needs to know if said restaurant is still serving food? Maybe. But nope. Here is what he said: “Ladies! So, this guy (points to the passenger), it’s his birthday today and I told him I would find him some nice girls for his birthday!” My best friend, being who she is responds immediately with, “Well, too bad for him. We’re not nice.” Meanwhile, [I have] been thrust into the ear ringing, adrenaline pumping, red rage and stands there staring… dumbfounded. He laughs and says, “All the better! Come on! It’s his birthday!!” Of course the passenger and his two friends in the back laugh and clap… so, I say, “Drive on. Now.” He doesn’t and proceeds to say, “WHAT?! What’s wrong with you? Just get in. Have some fun!”

 Yellow Cab Owner : Abraham Lembarra

The taxi driver told the women he was looking for some “nice women”

Dorcus wrote that she and a friend were outside a Portland restaurant in the late afternoon on May 3, when a cab driven by a man later alleged to be Lembarra pulled up to the curb.
The taxi driver told the women he was looking for some “nice women” for one of his three passengers, who was celebrating a birthday, she wrote.
After the women refused to get in the vehicle, the driver called Dorcus a “miserable [expletive]” as part of a string of vulgarities that she said continued on after she later called the cab company’s phone number to file a complaint, then found herself talking to the same man.
Dorcus subsequently filed a formal complaint against the taxi driver with the city of Portland, which licenses cabs operating locally.
City spokeswoman Jessica Grondin said the city then launched an investigation into the incident.

"When she attempted to call Yellow Cab's dispatch service to complain the dispatch continued the harassment and lewd behavior"

“Oh, that’s a very good story! No wonder you’re so upset! Because you’re a miserable bitch and you want to make everyone around you just as miserable so you can make yourself feel better. You skinny whore. No wonder you don’t have a boyfriend! You know I would date you, but I don’t like skinny ass cunts! You know what you should do?? You should drive to the grocery store right now. No seriously, right now and buy a zucchini because that’s the only way you’re ever gonna get any!”
“Okay. Wow. I need your name now, I guess.”
“Fuck off cunt. Go to the store. Get a zucchini and make sure it’s the smallest one you can find, because your pussy is small.”

Here is what YOU can do!
Write a review about Yellow Cab Portland Maine on Yelp

Call and make a complaint to the Division of Taxi Licensing. The hotline number is 207-756-8185


Here is a brief update about the Yellow Cab incident.
City of Portland Maine seeks suspension, fine for Portland taxi driver accused of verbally abusing women